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Producer’s Note [Blog & SCiNA] // Good Morning 2011!: The Next Is Here

25 JAN 2011: SHAON84 Official Blogging stats. Finally after a long time, I say, verily expected saying ‘Welcome’ to you. SHAON84 begins the New Year by turning a new page of its history. It’s not only a blog but also a collection of historical annual record of SHAON84. Perhaps it’s the toughest time I passed to launch a new product as it required an extensive study on I had to go through many processes at the same time. Besides full time Job and MBA classes I had to read WordPress references to know the technicalities, setup the account, thinking about the alternative data storage system in SHAON84 own hosting zone, plan to utilize the new technical facility offered by WordPress (Form facility), preparing the site and many more. Good thing is, I was at the same time working to setup my office’s (where I work as an employee) blog in But still it turned difficult to me due to scarcity of time. I spent several office hours (for my office blog) and completely sleepless nights to understand the details, to modify and prepare the account.

I slip the date more than thrice. Firstly, I wanted to launch it on 11 Jan (1/11/2011), secondly on 21 Jan (1/21), thirdly on 23 Jan (1/23). But finally after missing several deadlines this is going to be opened on 25 Jan (1/25). My mother Mrs. Mahsura Begum will hopefully inaugurate the site at morning at around 7.30AM on 25 January 2011.

Along with this, inauguration of Blog, there are some other big changes; like reformation of SCiNA (SHAON84 Central Information Archive) and beginning the utilization of this blog as an update information spot for other wings of SHAON84; the independent wing ‘mbaEducation’ is the first in this lab. The blog initiation will also help me to keep the SHAON84 home page cleaner. From now on, SHAON84 home page will only contain the headlines of the story; detail is in blog. Producer’s Note (this note) and Technical Note is another two better things that help me out to express and keep track of detail stories of SHAON84 and its updates.

Studying on global blog ranking finally I chose to host SHAON84’s Official Blog. Before that, in 7 December 2006 I created an account but deleting that one on 7 January 2011 I made the new account, the ‘shaon84’. Now it’s time to make SHAON84’s Blog Age more meaningful. Let’s start!


Technical Note: 2011-01-25: Official Blog & SCiNA

SHAON84 Home Page
Banner photo updated
Presentation of Update has been changed, only headlines will be published; details in Blog
Detail story about the banner photograph taken to a new page under SCiNA

SHAON84 Official Blog
A new section SHAON84 Official Blog has launched in

Blog Domain
A new domain opened to redirect new section Blog. Sub-Domain:
This sub-domain is redirected to
This blog page is a Framed HTML page where only banner exists but the main portion is linked with WordPress account.
Google Analytics profile has been opened to track data record.

Address changed to
9 New pages initiated to record blogs
One new pages for the new year 2011 to record status (provided in Facebook, twitter etc.)
One new page to record detail story about the banner photograph of SHAON84 Home page

5 new assignment files uploaded
Download page has been updated with new files
Finished Courses page updated
Latest Arrival page removed due to new update presentation system of SHAON84 (update available in Blog)
In Each page the link of Latest Arrival page linked to:

mbaEducation: Updates of December 2010

11 DEC 2010
New ‘Terms of Use’ & Some Other Updates
The page ‘Terms of Use’ has changed a lot. The entire terms have been re-structured. The new terms will be effective from 11 December 2010.

The text in home page has got a little change.

The color of Finished Courses and Downloads pages has been changed. Now they are blue shaded that matches more closely with the official logo color.

Along with the slight change in About page some internal changes like: HTML Code have taken place in the site.

7 DEC 2010
Full Launch of The Site With 7 Files
The site launches with full features and pages.
Updated 7 Assignment Files:

Course: Business Communication
Assignment 1: Why The Bhopal Tragedy Is Being Discussed Again After Twenty Four Years (First Edition Prepared By Benzir Shaon)

Course: Business Communication
Assignment 1: Why The Bhopal Tragedy Is Being Discussed Again After Twenty Four Years (Second Edition Prepared By Mohammad Yeasin)

Course: Business Communication
Assignment 2: Ways To Reduce Environmental Pollution Bangladesh
(Report Part)

Course: Business Communication
Assignment 2: Ways To Reduce Environmental Pollution Bangladesh

Course: Business Law & Corporate Social Responsibility
Assignment 1: CSR Basics

Course: Business Law & Corporate Social Responsibility
Assignment 2: Ethics of Business
(Temporary Version: Final Part Will Be Uploaded Soon)

Course: Human Resource Management & Practice
Assignment 1: Evaluation of Challenges Faced by HRM

6 DEC 2010
Journey Begins
SHAON84 mbaEducation launched unofficially with the Home Page a common page written “Coming up within in next 24 hours. “

mbaEducation: 5 New Assignments Files Arrived & New Update Page

25 JAN 2011
In Download segment 5 different files have been uploaded.

Course: Principles of Accounting
Assignment 1: FIFO and Average Cost Flow Methods: periodic and perpetual inventory systems (A solution of a problem)

Course: Leadership & Management of Organization
Assignment 1: Keyes Behind Success Stories of Standard Chartered: PPT Presentation

Course: Human Resource Management & Practice
Assignment 2: Training & Development of Jamuna Bank Limited
Report Cover Page

Course: Human Resource Management & Practice
Assignment 2: Training & Development of Jamuna Bank Limited
Main Report

Course: Human Resource Management & Practice
Assignment 2: Training & Development of Jamuna Bank Limited
PPT Presentation

Updating MBA Education
MBA Education Updating Info Presentation Changes

The Finished Courses page has been updated.

According to the new change in SHAON84 Site Update Presentation, from now on all updates of this site (SHAON84 mbaEducation) will be available here in this blog. And for that, the “Last Arrivals” page’s link is linked with this page.

SHAON84: Home Page’s New Way of Update Presentation

25 JAN 2011: SHAON84 home page has got a slight change of presenting updates. From now on, the site updates and related updates will not be published in detail in SHAON84 home page. It ultimately makes the page clumsier. From this update, only the headline will be posted in home page and rest will be in SHAON84 Official Blog. It will be cleaner, thinner, effective and more convenient.

SCiNA: Re-Introducing SCiNA As Blog Archive

25 JAN 2011: SCiNA (SHAON84 Central Information Archive) page’s address has been changed. The new address is: From now on all blog of SHAON84 Official Blog will be kept here like a mirror copy. For that reason, the site has got many new pages to keep records. Beside all, the SHAON84 Home page’s banner photo record (only text) will be noted here. There will be a link at home page to reach this page.

SHAON84 Official Blog: SHAON84 Official Blog Page Launched

25 JAN 2011: After an extensive study, research, test and modification of about one month SHAON84 finally declares the launching of SHAON84 Official Blog hosted in The tag line of the new segment is “story board with details”. Official link to check the site is:; although the page can be accessed directly from the address, too.

This blog will mainly publish the site updates of which includes all updates of different wings under SHAON84, story behind the update and stories of SHAON84 contents. The blogs are divided into three broad kinds: Site Update, Technical Note and Producer’s Note. Let other two be defined since Site Update blog is self explanatory. Producer’s Note is the update & updated content related notes written from producer’s view. It also includes informal stories behind the update & the content. And Technical Note is technically saying what has been updated and modified (files, technical upgrades or changes, images etc.).

To ensure the proper in house record the archive page of SHAON84, SCiNA (SHAON84 Central Information Archive) has re-modeled. All blog updates will be available from there too, although they will not be promoted enough for common’s visit.

The blog is featured with many dynamic features. Besides well categorized and well sorted comfortable updates/blogs finding and reading there are other great features offered by WordPress’ newly introduced customized Form builder is greatly used here. Besides having a detail “About The Blog” page, there are other five pages where four contains the forms. Using those forms an user can send comments & testimonial, subscribe the blog and can contact. Through sharing and commenting on different blog posts, the relation with user and SHAON84 will be more entertaining, dynamic and interactive.

It’s the only major wing of SHAON84 which is hosted and technically been maintained out of SHAON84’s direct control. But still it can be called as a big turn for SHAON84 since through initiating Official Blog at January 2011, SHAON84 finally enters the age of Dynamic Pages & contents.