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Producer’s Note: Flag Strip Education Page ‘EWUeducation’ Now Closer to SHAON84

12 August 2011

Through updating 35 assignments of the Ten Courses, EWUeducation has ended its duty of updating assignments and reports yesterday, on 11 August 2011. After opening this site so far, it updated all the assignments and report which have soft copies. There are some exception, not ALL; some of the assignments’ group members requested not to upload their respective assignments here (where Shaon also worked as a group member). This site has been established to serve the students for making better assignments since the undergraduate university life of Shaon.

From the record: this page first launched as ‘educationSHAON’ on 16 December 2004. This site passed many paths for last six years plus time. This site’s last assignment update was on 18 May 2008; last non-assignment update (only page update) on 31 December 2009. The last semester of Shaon at East West University was Spring 2009 and the page has been updated accordingly. And yesterday 11 August 2011, after almost 3 years, assignments are updated and for the last time. Thanks to all.

In the last update, 10 courses updated, which include the final Project Work, 23 Assignments, 6 Reports and 6 Presentations.

After all this yesterday the site updated to its old address in ‘’. Today, this site re-hosted to SHAON84 main hosting area. This site will now available in new address: ‘‘. The contents of the previous hosting area have been removed.

Besides that, another academic assignment portal mbaEducation will now be available in another address: ‘‘.

[ Adopted from site update of EWUeducation titiled “All And Final Update With ‘TEN COURSES’ & ‘THIRTY FIVE ASSIGNMENTS'”, published on 11 August 2011, with some modifications ]

mbaEducation: New Sub-Domain for The Site

12 August 2011

SHAON84 mbaEducation page is now also available in following sub-domain.

Other Updates
Home – Logo & URL of EWUeducation changed in page’s side advertisment (advertisement image replaced with old one)
Contact – URL of mbaEducation page changed (new sub-domain)

Technical Note: 2011-08-12: EWUeducation Re-Hosted In SHAON84

12 August 2011
Activity > Del 3 Non-HTML files:

Server Address:
Redirection Domain:
Activity > Del all files and folders of the server.
index.htm‘ file uploaded with message of diversion

Changes in SHAON84
New 2 Sub-Domains Allocated
Subdomain: | Rediredted Page
Subdomain: | Rediredted Page

Whole site transferred from “” address. All files in new folder named “/ewueducation”.
A fevicon.ico file uploaded

Home – date changes
Brands – EWueducation URL change, new logo replaced with previous logo

Web – EWueducation URL changed, new site added in list – mbaEducation

Home – Logo & URL of EWUeducation changed in page’s side advertisment (advertisement image replaced with old one)
Contact – URL of mbaEducation page changed (new sub-domain)
A fevicon.ico file uploaded

Home – EWueducation URL changed

Home – Date updated
My Chairs – EWueducation URL changed, new site added in list – mbaEducation

Blog Posts JUL-SEP 11 (Current Page) – Updated with: Current note (Technical Note), Producer’s Note, mbaEducation Update Note.
Status Messages 2011 – Updated with 2 new statuses

SHAON84 Home:
Update, Today’s Status, Technical Note & Producer’s note column updated with related texts.

EWUeducation URL changed
Address of 2 new sub-domain added

SHAON84 mbaEducation Fan Page & Group‘s Profile photo changed with new Sub-Domain (

Technical Note: 2011-08-11: EWUeducation Updated

11 August 2011
1 PDF File & 2 ZIP Files (assignment file)

Server Address:
Redirection Domain:

Assignment Update
10 courses updated which include the final Project Work, 23 Assignments, 6 Reports and 6 Presentations.

In server: 8 ZIP files, 1 PDF File

All Pages Got Updates
All the pages has got updates. The common updates are:
Bottom & Credit Line – Each page of the site has got modified credit line & logo of SHAON84 over that line.
Banner – Banner image modified. ‘SHAON’ replaced by ‘SHAON84′.
Navigation Menu – Navigation menu’s individual image’s size, rollover image & number of images changed. FAQ & Be Member image removed; Condition & Contact Info pages’ link image added.
Page Title – Each Page’s Page Titile Changed.

Page by Page Update Detail
Home – Update Scroll (Semester Update), text & its style at home page, side advertisement modified. New advertisement image added.
Finished Courses – The “Finished Courses” page that contained instructor and text book list of finished courses before has changed. After this update, the said information (instructor and text book list of finished courses) will not be available due to the university internal issue secrecy; it’s a pro-active measure
Report – Updated with new reports.
All Assignment – Updated with 35 new assignments.
Condition – Some condition removed & text style changed.
Contact Info – It’s a new page with contact information.
Semester Update – Updated with update detail.

Three Pages Removed, One New Page Added
Three pages removed because it’s thought that, these pages no more require to get maintained in current situation. The pages are: Be Member (Membership no more requires), FAQ & Welcome.

The newly added page is the Contact Info page, with related contact details.

All files of ‘asset’ folder removed.

All new 16 image files uploaded

SHAON84 Home Page
Update texts of EWUeducation’s Update, Technical Note & Status’ text updated.

JUL-SEP 11 – Technical Note (current note)
Status Message 11 – Updated with new statuses

Producer’s Note: Achievement of Celebration Eight Is, Creating Wider Accessibility


It’s EIGHT! This could be 115 days before, on 8 April 2011. But I’m happy for that, after all the celebration release came into light! I was afraid to see my lazy hours in earlier part of this year but I became hopeful while I analyze my last few days’ works. I was working day and night for different page’s updates and modifications. The content isn’t much, but the work behind them requires many sleepless nights and restless days. I always tried to find, what can provide the smoother experience in SHAON84 within my little intellectual capacity. In this celebration update SHAON84 do have many updates to share with joy. One big one is the home page. This is the first celebration of SHAON84 after it got rebranded (former ‘SHAON’).

Something Special About This Date

The date of celebration has some interesting side. Today is 2 August 2011. August is the 8th month of the year, and it’s SHAON84’s 8th celebration, and 2 cubes 8! Another interesting fact is the number of web pages in About SHAON84 and Personal SHAON84 is same, 19. And it came after deleting some pages. And it discovered later. Interesting, Hah?

New Home Page

For the last eight years, SHAON84 has been trying to create such web environment in its own area, where a visitor can easily access to any part of the site. And, yes, finally, this year, SHAON84 is very close to have full mark in this issue. In the new home page there are at least two ways that will ensure a visitor’s wider accessibility to the whole site.

Mini Sitemap

There is a mini site map in the page which will help you to have a “Bird’s Eye View” to the whole site. This will help you a lot to access any important page of SHAON84. There is sitemap, too. I’m coming to this issue later.

Search Option

This is a great thing that I was looking for a long time and very luckily I got the code. Basically, it’s nothing but Google search which will search within the site. This is a great thing which will help anyone to find any required topic here.

Links of Online Social Accounts Linked

SHAON84 do have many accounts in different sites in online and I want to do connect with you with any or all social media where SHAON84 have account. In this update, you can get connected to different social profiles more conveniently, because, now the links are at the bottom of home page.

Credit Line: Blog In Action

In credit line, at the bottom of the page, many important URLs added for visitors’ convenience. Some URLs are of WordPress blog, where the SHAON84 Blog hosted. WordPress gives some good feature, among them one very powerful one is, Custom Build Form. SHAON84 do utilized that. Forms those are in bottom of the home page are: Feedback, Subscribe, Blog, Testimonial. In Contact page (in About section), another blog form added: Contact form.

Design & Others

In designing the site, the color, design, visitor experience etc. were cared a lot. I gave a long time to test the site’s view and other issue. In this page, the presentation of providing update is easier. Not all the link will have own detail story on update – that’s the new practice for SHAON84. I hope this will encourage having frequent updates in SHAON84. This time, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) has been greatly used for setting URL color. I think you may like this fun of URL color.


A full sitemap has initiated. It will be monitored under ‘About SHAON84’ brand. I had a wish to have a sitemap for many days. Finally this came true. This will also help you a lot to find right thing. This site map also have search box, Tiny URL’s list, list of sub-domains.

Age of Tiny URL & Sub-Domain

From this release SHAON84 will use tiny URL (account in to promote links majorly in Facebook and Twitter. This will bring an opportunity to have wider choice to promote new and updated links.

‘Xtra’ Launched

A new brand has been launched, ‘Xtra’, ‘SHAON84 Xtra’. Xtra will open a new door of freedom to launch new page and share them. The idea is, sometimes, it happens that, I have an idea on a topic that directly doesn’t match with any existing brand or page. In some cases, there is a related brand (or section) but if I want to add this page, that require to go through a time-consuming complex process; but time is limited. To manage this situation and to serve better, I firmly believe this page concept will surely increase productivity level and service level. Xtra don’t have any major content since now, but will come in near future.

‘Personal SHAON84’ Got Some Modification

Each page of the Personal SHAON84 has got at least one change. In each page, a line to separate the page content and the credit line (at the bottom of the page), a green line has been put in between them. A bug has been fixed; the bug was: the menu and content at the right side ware not began from the same place at the top. All browsers, specially: IE, Firefox, Chrome & Opera showed the problem. It looked very odd. The solution was found many times back but it came in action after many days later. Besides, there are also major or little changes. Some page have been removed completely; like Contact & Schedule (it seems redundant), In Online (it’s redundant to contact page), Words 2 U (not important), Photo (decided not to promote any personal face photo of Shaon) & Text On Myself (not important and redundant). Personal’s home page got a new picture, Interest page got ‘some’ changes only, and My Chairs page has got a new style and additional information. I recommend to specially visit the Home page and My Chairs page.

It’s About ‘About’: Some Changes

Like ‘Personal’, each page in ‘About’ section has got changes. Common change is the red line between the content and the credit line, that will differentiate the content and the credit line at the bottom. The same visible bug (like Personal SHAON84) was also fixed in About SHAON84; specially the pages those were under the sub-topic ‘Basic’. The bug was, the left menu table and right sided content were not in straight line (from top of the page). In this release, the deleted pages are: Sponsored Web, Subsidiary Web, Different Parts (Renamed and re-designed to Brands), Define Friend, Friends’ Groups, Org. Friend, Hearing You, Work Inside, Reg. Your Media and Short Overview (In Press). The major changes took place in the following pages: Aim & Primary Info, Profile, Brands, External Orgs, Contact, History, From The Dreamer (Photo removed) and The Logo. I recommend to visit: Brands, Contact and The Logo.

Postponement of Four Brands

SHAON84 postpones the activity and pages of four brands, they are: Friend SHAON84, Mobile SHAON84, i2we & SHAON84 Org Friend (under About SHAON84). The detail of the whole matter can be found in the article titled “Producer’s Note: Statement for Postponed Brands: Friend, Mobile, i2we & Org Friend”.

Old Pages of SHAON Are Deleted from Server

After ten months of re-branding of ‘SHAON84’ (which was ‘SHAON’ before), the web pages and contents of the old ‘SHAON’ has been deleted. Due to the possibility of creating identity problem, SHAON84 has decided to delete those pages physically.

And Others

There are other updates too. The assignment portal SHAON84 mbaEducation has got relevant and necessary updates including assignments. You will find detail of them in mbaEducation ‘Latest Arrival’ page. Another, known bug of downloading some PDF files (specially files bigger than 512KB) of SHAON84 has been fixed. Prior to this update those files were hosted in free hosting areas. Now you can download them without any hassle (please report if you have any trouble). The files that were in that issue are: SHAON84 Annual Report of 2007, 2008, 2009; Spring 2008 issue of amaderStory (a publication of SHAON’s subsidiary amaderEWU).

There are more details of the update story. Go to Technical Note of that update.

mbaEducation: Facebook Research Study Updated from ‘Research Methodology’ Course

2 August 2011

In Download segment 1 file (following one) has been uploaded.

Course: Research Methodology
Assignment 1: Promotion of Bangladeshi Web Designing Firms Using Facebook
Copy Protected PDF, You Can Download & Read The File

Copy Protection Policy for mbaEducation has been adopted. To prevent unauthorized use of the contents, from now on, all uploading files will be copy-protected. Since, the main purpose of this site is to serve students for providing samples; this decision doesn’t clashes to any policy. You can download, read, but cannot copy (and you should not) text from the file. For detail of the policy please visit Terms of Use page.

The Finished Courses page has been updated.

Producer’s Note: Statement for Postponed Brands: Friend, Mobile, i2we & Org Friend

Due to some reason SHAON84 has taken the decision of postpone the following brands, they are: Friend SHAON84, Mobile SHAON84, i2we & SHAON84 Org Friend (under About SHAON84). This postpone doesn’t mean they are closed. The activity has been suspended before next notice. Site contents of the following sites have been removed. This postpone will also work for their respective sub-brands too. “Small Family, Happy Family”.

Postponed Brands of SHAON84 (2011)

Postponed Brands of SHAON84 (2011)

Brand 1
Brand: Friend SHAON84
Sub Brand (4): Tok Live, SHAON84 Friend, SHAON84 Knowledge Team & SHAON84 EWU Friend
First Release: 16 December 2004

It was the brand of friendship that speaks about how to be Shaon’s friend or get connected (like membership) with SHAON84. It was never been that much active page. It just holds the information how to get connected. But many colorful pages were come from that page as part of greeting friends. It’s one of the very early age brands of SHAON84. The name of this site came from E-Mail address; which is still the only official E-Mail address of SHAON84. Many persons got interested to turn to friend and to connect with SHAON84 by reading its Bangla & English dual language pages. In short, about the sub-brands:

Tok Live – A page where all chatting lines’ address were given so that anyone can chat with Shaon. It wasn’t a hi-tech page. Just the id of SHAON84’s Yahoo, MSN, Google & Skype Messengers’ id were there.

SHAON84 Friend – Pages for the persons who are interested to be SHAON84’s friend
SHAON84 Knowledge Team – From the idea to build a working team
SHAON84 EWU Friend – For the friends who study at East West University

The logo of the brand and sub-brands, specially ‘tok Live’ were highly appreciated by many people. Along with the main brand, all sub-brands will also be postponed.

SHAON84’s recent choice is to, have less but powerful active brands/sections/accounts. As it’s not a page, that can or need regular update, the decision came in that hard way. You can still get all connectivity links in Contact page with more and more details. I thank SHAON84’s all new and old friends for being friend.


Brand 2
Brand: Mobile SHAON84
Sub Brand (0): None
First Release: 8 April 2008

It’s a bit embarrassing while someone hits SHAON84 and next click goes to Mobile page with higher curiosity level. Mobile SHAON84 page had been constructed to serve mobile WAP users. I personally had tried to learn WAP technology through online study, but my little intellectual capacity couldn’t meet the requirement. Later, SHAON84 released a light page (less coded) for people who visit SHAON84 through mobile. The plan was to give each update in that page. But later the rule didn’t follow the path. Mobile page also enriched with mobile-screen size wallpaper designed by SHAON84. Music tracks of SHAON84 were also available to download from here. I thanks to all who at least clicked the link once and who didn’t ever!


Brand 3
Brand: i2we (a subsidiary of SHAON84)
Sub Brand (1): i2we Forum
First Release: 8 April 2008

i2we- is a subsidiary brand of SHAON84. The chance to bring this brand back in operation is substantially more, comparing to other postponed brands. The idea was, bringing a parallel platform where, SHAON84 can legally break its one of core law. SHAON84 only promotes the stuffs from Shaon; but i2we was developed for such a purpose where others’ good contents can be promoted; which would help commons. But, due to lack of update and time this page’s activity has been postponed. The sub-brand i2we Forum was build for creating a forum to connect the similar interest group; but it didn’t have any formal structure.


Brand 4
Brand: SHAON84 Org Friend
Main Brand: About SHAON84
First Release: 8 April 2008

This was introduces to create a relation with different organizations. But later, SHAON84 didn’t give much concentration to it. However, for the similar reason to “Friend SHAON84”, this sub-brand has been chosen to be removed.