Producer’s Note: Statement for Postponed Brands: Friend, Mobile, i2we & Org Friend

Due to some reason SHAON84 has taken the decision of postpone the following brands, they are: Friend SHAON84, Mobile SHAON84, i2we & SHAON84 Org Friend (under About SHAON84). This postpone doesn’t mean they are closed. The activity has been suspended before next notice. Site contents of the following sites have been removed. This postpone will also work for their respective sub-brands too. “Small Family, Happy Family”.

Postponed Brands of SHAON84 (2011)

Postponed Brands of SHAON84 (2011)

Brand 1
Brand: Friend SHAON84
Sub Brand (4): Tok Live, SHAON84 Friend, SHAON84 Knowledge Team & SHAON84 EWU Friend
First Release: 16 December 2004

It was the brand of friendship that speaks about how to be Shaon’s friend or get connected (like membership) with SHAON84. It was never been that much active page. It just holds the information how to get connected. But many colorful pages were come from that page as part of greeting friends. It’s one of the very early age brands of SHAON84. The name of this site came from E-Mail address; which is still the only official E-Mail address of SHAON84. Many persons got interested to turn to friend and to connect with SHAON84 by reading its Bangla & English dual language pages. In short, about the sub-brands:

Tok Live – A page where all chatting lines’ address were given so that anyone can chat with Shaon. It wasn’t a hi-tech page. Just the id of SHAON84’s Yahoo, MSN, Google & Skype Messengers’ id were there.

SHAON84 Friend – Pages for the persons who are interested to be SHAON84’s friend
SHAON84 Knowledge Team – From the idea to build a working team
SHAON84 EWU Friend – For the friends who study at East West University

The logo of the brand and sub-brands, specially ‘tok Live’ were highly appreciated by many people. Along with the main brand, all sub-brands will also be postponed.

SHAON84’s recent choice is to, have less but powerful active brands/sections/accounts. As it’s not a page, that can or need regular update, the decision came in that hard way. You can still get all connectivity links in Contact page with more and more details. I thank SHAON84’s all new and old friends for being friend.


Brand 2
Brand: Mobile SHAON84
Sub Brand (0): None
First Release: 8 April 2008

It’s a bit embarrassing while someone hits SHAON84 and next click goes to Mobile page with higher curiosity level. Mobile SHAON84 page had been constructed to serve mobile WAP users. I personally had tried to learn WAP technology through online study, but my little intellectual capacity couldn’t meet the requirement. Later, SHAON84 released a light page (less coded) for people who visit SHAON84 through mobile. The plan was to give each update in that page. But later the rule didn’t follow the path. Mobile page also enriched with mobile-screen size wallpaper designed by SHAON84. Music tracks of SHAON84 were also available to download from here. I thanks to all who at least clicked the link once and who didn’t ever!


Brand 3
Brand: i2we (a subsidiary of SHAON84)
Sub Brand (1): i2we Forum
First Release: 8 April 2008

i2we- is a subsidiary brand of SHAON84. The chance to bring this brand back in operation is substantially more, comparing to other postponed brands. The idea was, bringing a parallel platform where, SHAON84 can legally break its one of core law. SHAON84 only promotes the stuffs from Shaon; but i2we was developed for such a purpose where others’ good contents can be promoted; which would help commons. But, due to lack of update and time this page’s activity has been postponed. The sub-brand i2we Forum was build for creating a forum to connect the similar interest group; but it didn’t have any formal structure.


Brand 4
Brand: SHAON84 Org Friend
Main Brand: About SHAON84
First Release: 8 April 2008

This was introduces to create a relation with different organizations. But later, SHAON84 didn’t give much concentration to it. However, for the similar reason to “Friend SHAON84”, this sub-brand has been chosen to be removed.


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