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Producer’s Note: SHAON84 Celebration Note of NINE

Shuvo Noboborsho (Greeting for Bangla Happy New Year 1419)! “Drawing Life for nine years” is this year’s celebration slogan. Since 2003, SHAON84 (former SHAON) drawing the story of life with different contents and colors. This year, due to some heavy academic and job pressure, a bigger update hasn’t been offered. But I hope the next updates will be sufficient to mitigate that grief.

This year, for celebration, SHAON84’s (mine) Facebook Personal Profile and Fan Page has got new look due to change in traditional look to Facebook timeline look with cover photos. This time Google Brand Page of SHAON84 has also been launched officially although the account has been activated some days before.

From this year, a little change has brought in style of informing update to SHAON84’s viewers. Instead of archiving information in SCiNA (the archive division of SHAON84) in HTML text format, from this year except technical note part all update detail will be shared through a specific PDF file. Viewers can download the file. This file will contain more detail of the site updates. This file will be available from SHAON84’s SCiNA page.

Due to technical problem the site amaderEWU.Net.Tc page cannot be viewed. SHAON84 will take necessary steps soon to resolve this issue.

With the wish of bold updates in future with Bangla New Year’s spirit, I am closing here. Keep connected.


mbaEducation: Updated With One File’s Removal

Due to some technical problems one file has been removed temporarily. The file detail:

Course: Research Methodology

Assignment 1: Promotion of Bangladeshi Web Designing Firms Using Facebook

Copy Protected PDF, You Can Download & Read The File

Sorry for that inconvenience. More updates are coming next, keep visiting SHAON84 mbaEducation.