Social Media: Postponing Activity of Some Facebook Pages & Groups

SHAON84 has been decided to postpone activity of some Groups and Pages for better social media management. Postpone doesn’t mean the withdrawal of ownership or control over those accounts or control. It also doesn’t signify the immediate closure of these Pages and Groups.

Visitors and friends are requested to follow/like SHAON84 Facebook Page (SHAON84web), Twitter Profile (SHAON84) and Google Plus Page (SHAON84) listed in SHAON84 home page. Activity of the following groups and pages has been decided to postpone. Following pages and groups are getting cover pictures for the first time.

SHAON Facebook Page
SHAON Facebook Group
amaderEWU Facebook Page
amaderEWU Facebook Group
mbaEducation Facebook Page
mbaEducation Facebook Group
SHAON84 Facebook Group

All listed banner and groups has been updated with Cover Photo promoting this message to discourage to be with those Fan Pages and Group and to follow official SHAON84 Facebook Fan Page. However, SHAON84 Facebook Group has got its own link: <>



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