13 Special Things Came with ‘About SHAON84’ Update on 13 Oct


After many days’ work, SHAON84 releases its new ‘About’ page. There are some special things to note about this ‘About’ update.

No # 1: New Look: The entire design changed after it first launched in 2008. New banner, search engine, menu, right panel quick fact list, less pages – all gave a new look.

No # 2: Change in Definition: This time, after almost nine years, SHAON84 changed its general site definition a bit. Now, it will be termed as “personal creative showcase”. Earlier it was termed as “Personal website”. In the fact list, ‘about profit motive’, it answered “Non-earning”.

No # 3: Better Profile: Comparing to earlier days, SHAON84 now has a well described (and well matured) site profile in About page. This will surely help others to understand well about the real SHAON84.

No # 4: Uncovering Tomorrows’ Secrets: A new page titled “What’s Next” introduced, where you can find possible future updates’ info. There is a live calendar on top of page having future update deadlines. Secret Lab open now!

No # 5: Event Matters Open: In “What’s Next” page, a Google Calendar widget has been placed at top, where you will find all future events where Shaon (me) may visit. This will help you to catch some good events. This calendar will also show-up some future virtual events of SHAON84 and next update deadlines. If you use Google Calendar, you can subscribe the calendar. Catch it now!

No # 6: Important Terms Defined – Trademark, Logo & IP: It seems unnecessary, but due to avoid future conflict, some important terms need to be defined. It took a good amount of time to prepare it. Read it, if you have time. It’s not just a copy-paste note.

No # 7: Change in Core Values: One core value dragged out and two entered. The removed one is: “Priority to Friends” (Detail: Friends (registered) and visitors are very important to SHAON84). As now, SHAON84 doesn’t maintain registered friends that much, that’s why it removed. And the new two’s came as a part of future expansion strategy: “Transparency” (Detail: Practicing honesty, being transparent and accountable in different areas) and “For Commons’ Good” (Detail: Despite of being a personal creative showcase, SHAON84 always cares commons’ well being and focus to them)

No # 8: In Page Contact Form: Finally, Google Form/Google Docs used to make a contact form in the page. This has been tried for so many years.

No # 9: Facebook Page & Twitter Feed Plug-in Finally: Adding Twitter feed was easy. But Facebook Page Feed in website couldn’t been possible due to some technical problems. It has finally been possible; Facebook Page and Twitter Feed are now live in the website.

No # 10: ‘Press’ is Regular: Prior to this new About page, there was a Press page for media personnel. But it wasn’t that much used. Now, special updates will be also featured here and they will be mostly linked with SHAON84 Official Blog. Old PressBox section removed, and replaced by a single page.

No # 11: More about Official Logo: A full and with detail logo page including meaning, proper usage guideline and many more.

No # 12: Timeline Up-to-Date: After 2008, the Timeline with detail of important achievements hasn’t been updated. It’s now updated. All, Till TODAY! It was a lot of work.

No # 13: Get LESS Puzzled About Social Media: Earlier, less used Social Media Accounts’ names were also shown along with regular channels. Some less used media links has been removed, like: Hi5, NetLog etc.

Huh… lot of things. Now find it by yourself!


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