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SHAON84 Personal Curriculum Vitae Page Launched. Specific Answers for Some Specific Questions

SHAON84 has launched SHAON84 Personal Curriculum Vitae page, a new section under SHAON84 Personal. For professional excellence, better connectivity and answering some very common question about the creator Benzir Shaon, this new segment has introduced.

This page is for corporate persons, entrepreneurs, employeers, university officials, professors/faculties, educators, social workers, scholars and other relevant persons & bodies who need to know about Benzir Shaon for relevant work purposes.

This is the first and only page of SHAON84 which is exempted from having compulsory update show-up in SHAON84 home page. Please visit this page and keep checking “Update Log” regularly for latest updates of this sub-segment, SHAON84 Personal Curriculum Vitae.

The page can be reached by this URL:


SHAON84 Presented in GBG-Dhaka Event on 31 OCT 2012

On 31 October 2012 Wednesday, the idea SHAON84 has been presented in Google Business Group – Dhaka event hosted in EMK Center. It was the 4th event of GBG-Dhaka. That 2 minutes’ short MS Power Point presentation (time counted 1.49 minute) presented by Benzir Shaon with lots of enthusiasm from the participants during and after the presentation. The presented MS Power Point presentation can be downloaded from the Press page of SHAON84.

GBG – Dhaka is an open community of local entrepreneurs and professionals who are interested in using the internet to make their business more successful. Since being launched in May 2012, this community has been meeting regularly to explore, learn, share and discover how Google products can enhance local businesses and to listen to speakers from around the world.

SHAON84 thanks the GBG-Dhaka team for inviting and giving the space to present.

Find the full slide in GBG-Dhaka Website: