SHAON84 Photo Release (2008-2012): 30 Updates + 1 Bonus

After around eight years, SHAON84 finally started releasing photographs snapped since 2008 (all photos taken by Shaon). In this December 2012, SHAON84 will release all (as much it’s possible) selected photographs from 2008 to till date! For that a update campaign has been launched, titled: “SHAON84 Photo Release (2008-2012), 30 Updates + 1 Bonus”

SHAON84 Photo Release (2008-2012)

SHAON84 Photo Release (2008-2012)

According to that campaign from December 1 – 30, at least one photo will be uploaded to its Facebook Page, where all SHAON84 photos will be hosted. This is a great starting for SHAON84.

About 1 Bonus
1 Bonus will be another special update at its Flickr Account (not disclosing new account URL) which will contain the best photos of SHAON84. The photos will be chosen based on response from Facebook Page and Shaon’s choice. The last update would be available on 31 December 2012.


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