It’s Tenning!

SHAON84 10th Celebration Logo

SHAON84 10th Celebration Logo

Happy Tenning!

After a long journey of creative time wastage, SHAON84 is now TEN!

While  started SHAON84 (former SHAON) with a free domain, in around 2003, I didn’t even imagine it would be that much massive and continued so long. In 2004, I first realized that, it’s going to turn a true madness, a madness for a creative showcase. It promotes the idea to creative individuals, for having their own personal web platforms to do the same that SHAON84 is doing. However, since beginning, SHAON84 used to give updates more like a PUBLIC PORTAL than a Typical Personal Website.

Till today, beside many appreciations, still many ‘well-wishers’ say, it’s a wastage of time. I believe the same. Yes, really it is! But I think, sometimes, you shouldn’t look to your wallet based benefits. SHAON84 is a project just like that. Sometimes, it’s hard to connect dots, what you are doing for what reason. But nothing wastes, if you do it with passion, doesn’t matter how stupid it is. That’s another belief that gave me the strength to continue.

SHAON84 10th Celebration Banner

SHAON84 10th Celebration Banner

In future, SHAON84 will have more engagement to public issue with wide variety of choices. Initially, within recent times, SHAON84 plans to release its massive stock of some old stocks, specially photographs. Among new things, PenNPaper would be renovated, more movies or video creatures, Podcast, E-Learning Stuffs, More Blog Activity may come. Bring all of them true will take time.

SHAON84 is very grateful to Allah and the people who always supported by appreciation, engagement and constrictive criticism. YOU are the inspiration who made that possible, bearing it for TEN Years! Thank you so much. Please stay with.

Keep Connected.

Don’t forget to check out the link to learn more on, how SHAON84 is celebrating the Anniversary:


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