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About SHAON84.com

SHAON84 is a personal web site ‘by’, ‘from’ and ‘on’ Benzir Shaon who is a very simple and ordinary person from Bangladesh dreaming to present something different to the mankind around the globe. The site SHAON84 established on 8 April 2003; though this site launched with more and detailed product line on 8 April 2005. This site mainly publishes the materials by Benzir Shaon and the site is planned, designed and maintained only by him. The main difference among any other personal site is: SHAON84 contains and publishes works on many areas which is exclusively and only ‘by’ and ‘from’ Benzir Shaon. Read details from the site home page, www.shaon84.com

About Blog

The “SHAON84 Official Blog” is the Official Blog of the personal site SHAON84.com hosted in WordPress.com. The blog will be updated here on-available basis, blog will appear here if there is any update in SHAON84.com.

To Get Access
Officially recognized address to get access to this blog is: “http://www.blog.shaon84.com”. In WordPress.com this blog is in domain of “shaon84” (https://shaon84.wordpress.com)

Scope of The Blog
This blog will mainly publish the site updates of SHAON84.com which includes updates of different wings under SHAON84, story behind the update and stories of SHAON84 contents. The blogs are divided into two broad kinds: Site Update and Producer’s Note. Producer’s Note is the update & updated content related notes written from producer’s view. It also includes informal stories behind the update & the content.

Data Security & Recording
To ensure the data security of this blog, SHAON84 maintains a page in own hosting area which is nothing but a page where all blogs are been saved, just as-it-is like the pages in WordPress.com Blog. It’s in SCiNA (SHAON84 Central Information Archive). Find the link and other detail in SHAON84 home page (www.shaon84.com).

Moderation of Your Messages
Depending on the situation and decision your messages (comments to any page/post, your feedback/comment, and contact message) may brought under moderation.

Your Personal Data Security
Unless otherwise specified the personal data you share to SHAON84 along with your messages is a secured data to SHAON84.

The Categories
The blog is well segmented under different category so that your access is well organized. Here category means: different sections of SHAON84. Under different Category you will find the related updates and notes.

List of Categories
SHAON84, Pic SHAON84, PenNPaper SHAON84, InfoTech SHAON84, Personal SHAON84, Friend SHAON84, SCiNA (Archive), SHAON84 PressBox, amaderEWU, EWUeducation, mbaEducation, Producer’s Note, Technical Note

List of Tags
home, blog issue, archive, producer’s note, technical note, assignment, mba education, new product, update

Anything Wrong?
However, if anything wrong related to the site SHAON84, any related service, content or product and the Blog doesn’t matter how little or ignorable it is please do feel free to share. The door to help you out is always wide open from this end.

29 April 2012 (Revised)
25 JAN 2011 (First)