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SHAON84 Temporarily Discontinue Posting in Twitter and Here’s A Statistical ‘Why’

SHAON84 temporarily stops maintaining its Twitter profile @SHAON84 from 22 Oct 2017 like recent past. Despite of being 102th Twitter Profile of Bangladesh (according to Twitaholic), here’s a list of answering ‘why’ –

1. Lesser Tweeter Users in Bangladesh than Other Platforms

SHAON84’s major viewer share is in Bangladesh and in Bangladesh Twitter has significantly less user base than other social media platforms in Bangladesh. Twitter posts were having lower response than other media, and this is not exceptional once compared to other top Bangladeshi profiles.

Although according to StatCounter‘s latest stat, Twitter’s position is 3rd and LinkedIn is 6th, real response rate is quite different. From a personal observation without any stat reference, Instagram and LinkedIn deserves the positions before Twitter ranks.


Image: StatCounter Social Media Stat for Bangladesh

2 Effort of Summarizing Big Status to 140 Character Vs Response Rate

SHAON84 used to maintain manual synchronization with this Twitter profile and most used social media platform – Facebook since long. Although it was always difficult and time consuming to summarize big statuses within a meaningful 140 charactered tweet. And all that effort brings a lower response rate.

Journey of SHAON84 with Twitter

Joining in 27 June 2010, till date 1700+ Tweets and 500+ followers took that profile within 102 top Twitter accounts within users of Dhaka, Bangladesh according to Twitaholic; and this was been 100th Tweeter profile in Dhaka while checked on 13 Apr 2015.


Image: Twitaholic Stat on 21 Oct 2017 and Tweets Regarding Ranking

TwitterCounter stated the stat of SHAON84’s Worldwide Rank #21,867,583 (21M), Follower/Following Ratio 1.43 in an interesting way-

Uh-oh… seems like someone has fallen asleep while on duty and is dropping in social relevance. The plot thickens when considering Benzir Shaon’s follower-to-following ratio, which is 1.43. That’s a healthy ratio.

From a tweeting perspective, @SHAON84 is a casual user, with an average of 1 tweet(s) per day in the past 30 days. However this seems to be a big change from a total of 1,712 since @SHAON84 joined Twitter.


Image: TwitterCounter Stat on SHAON84 Twitter Id

Currently all personal and SHAON84 Official updates are casting through Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn and this will be continued till further notice. More exciting active media are to be added in the list soon.

SHAON84 will keep on observing Twitter user statistics in Bangladesh and review the decision in near future. However, occasionally there would be posts for Twitter viewers. Till then bye Twitter.

Look forward to hear your voice on this, please comment below. Thanks in advance.


SHAON84 Home Page Update Feed Design Updated

SHAON84 Home page update feed design updated. New design is more simplified than before.


SHAON84 New Home Page Design

This new design would be impacted from 25 May 2017.

2017 SHAON84 Relaunch

SHAON84 is back on track once again with vast new change plans, changed site management rules. There are vast new change plans covering change in each corner and page of SHAON84. Visibility of this, would take time, but the best part is, there would be a hard and soul try to shorten it.


Design for 2017 SHAON84 Relaunch (Instagram version)

Changes are majorly in SHAON84 home page update feed design. Launch of tech page of SHAON84, Uncodist Facebook Page added extra lux to this Relaunch. Rest of Uncodist tech blogs and LinkedIn Pulse article are just regular update!

Stay tuned for more magics!

Celebrating 4th Re-branding Day of SHAON84 with Release of Visual Theme 2014

After a long wait, SHAON84 releases visual theme to use as background image in different graphics, design and various required spaces. The whole theme’s original color is on brand color Red. Various iconic fonts used in the theme. The detail of the theme is expected to be shared shortly in the website’s about page.

This theme has been released to celebrate the 4th Re-branding Day of SHAON84. On 10 October 2010, SHAON84 switched to new Brand Name to “SHAON84” from “SHAON” with paid domain.

The original visual image theme, SHAON84 Visual Theme 2014

The original visual image theme, SHAON84 Visual Theme 2014

The theme is open in SHAON84 website and all SHAON84 official social media pages –Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Google Plus Page, YouTube Channel, WordPress (top banner background), LinkedIn and Flickr.

The visual image theme, SHAON84 Visual Theme 2014 for personal pages in social media

The visual image theme, SHAON84 Visual Theme 2014 for personal pages in social media

The theme’s personal version is open only in Facebook and Google Plus‘s personal profile page. Below are other images.

SHAON84 Visual Theme 2014 meaning of Icons in short

SHAON84 Visual Theme 2014 meaning of Icons in short

SHAON84 Visual Theme 2014 Promo for Opening

SHAON84 Visual Theme 2014 Promo for Opening

A Little Change in Home Page & SCiNA Vs Dreaming Big in New Year

Happy New Year, Happy 2014!

SHAON84 Home Page 2014

SHAON84 Home Page 2014

One of the key growth challenges to SHAON84 is its complicated update system. From this year, SHAON84 will focus more to content, less effort to page design, being more regular. In support to keep those words, the Home page has been changed and with that the achieve page SCiNA has modified a lot. Besides that, for the same reason SHAON84 Continuing Publication has been launched, hosted in SHAON84 PenNPaper section.

Many new policies and ideas are in the lab to be implemented one by one. Hope 2014 will be The Year to ‘Speak Up’.

It’s Tenning!

SHAON84 10th Celebration Logo

SHAON84 10th Celebration Logo

Happy Tenning!

After a long journey of creative time wastage, SHAON84 is now TEN!

While  started SHAON84 (former SHAON) with a free domain, in around 2003, I didn’t even imagine it would be that much massive and continued so long. In 2004, I first realized that, it’s going to turn a true madness, a madness for a creative showcase. It promotes the idea to creative individuals, for having their own personal web platforms to do the same that SHAON84 is doing. However, since beginning, SHAON84 used to give updates more like a PUBLIC PORTAL than a Typical Personal Website.

Till today, beside many appreciations, still many ‘well-wishers’ say, it’s a wastage of time. I believe the same. Yes, really it is! But I think, sometimes, you shouldn’t look to your wallet based benefits. SHAON84 is a project just like that. Sometimes, it’s hard to connect dots, what you are doing for what reason. But nothing wastes, if you do it with passion, doesn’t matter how stupid it is. That’s another belief that gave me the strength to continue.

SHAON84 10th Celebration Banner

SHAON84 10th Celebration Banner

In future, SHAON84 will have more engagement to public issue with wide variety of choices. Initially, within recent times, SHAON84 plans to release its massive stock of some old stocks, specially photographs. Among new things, PenNPaper would be renovated, more movies or video creatures, Podcast, E-Learning Stuffs, More Blog Activity may come. Bring all of them true will take time.

SHAON84 is very grateful to Allah and the people who always supported by appreciation, engagement and constrictive criticism. YOU are the inspiration who made that possible, bearing it for TEN Years! Thank you so much. Please stay with.

Keep Connected.

Don’t forget to check out the link to learn more on, how SHAON84 is celebrating the Anniversary:

Bangla Blog Starts in SWIB

Bangla blogging was many days’ dream, but due to bureaucratic problem, it took time. No problem, it’s good that, finally it started. SHAON84 launches Bangla Blog in country’s most popular blog community, SomeWhereIn Blog. It may take some days to have the privilege of posting posts on first page from the SomeWhereIn Blog authority. But it’s visible and that’s the good part.

ImageThe site can be reached from sub-domain of SHAON84: The blog will show-up with posts on diversified areas mainly: Politics, Religion, Business, Marketing, Business Research, IT etc.

‘Uncodist’ Arrives

SHAON84 launches a new subsidiary portal, ‘Uncodist’, an unique name in Google Search. Hosted in Google’s Blogger, Uncodist is the second blog after SHAON84 Official Blog (current one). More blogs are on the way to come, hopefully launched by this December 2012. However, Uncodist is a website, rather just been called as a Blog.

Uncodist Face

Uncodist Face

Uncodist mainly will publish technology related ‘Know-how’ articles. The major difference comparing to other regular tech blog will be, it’s more friendly, well formed and well informative enriched with relevant material. The first article of the site describes the background and other matters. Uncodist is under the PenNPaper, a major section of SHAON84.

SHAON84 Photo Release (2008-2012): 30 Updates + 1 Bonus

After around eight years, SHAON84 finally started releasing photographs snapped since 2008 (all photos taken by Shaon). In this December 2012, SHAON84 will release all (as much it’s possible) selected photographs from 2008 to till date! For that a update campaign has been launched, titled: “SHAON84 Photo Release (2008-2012), 30 Updates + 1 Bonus”

SHAON84 Photo Release (2008-2012)

SHAON84 Photo Release (2008-2012)

According to that campaign from December 1 – 30, at least one photo will be uploaded to its Facebook Page, where all SHAON84 photos will be hosted. This is a great starting for SHAON84.

About 1 Bonus
1 Bonus will be another special update at its Flickr Account (not disclosing new account URL) which will contain the best photos of SHAON84. The photos will be chosen based on response from Facebook Page and Shaon’s choice. The last update would be available on 31 December 2012.

SHAON84 Personal Curriculum Vitae Page Launched. Specific Answers for Some Specific Questions

SHAON84 has launched SHAON84 Personal Curriculum Vitae page, a new section under SHAON84 Personal. For professional excellence, better connectivity and answering some very common question about the creator Benzir Shaon, this new segment has introduced.

This page is for corporate persons, entrepreneurs, employeers, university officials, professors/faculties, educators, social workers, scholars and other relevant persons & bodies who need to know about Benzir Shaon for relevant work purposes.

This is the first and only page of SHAON84 which is exempted from having compulsory update show-up in SHAON84 home page. Please visit this page and keep checking “Update Log” regularly for latest updates of this sub-segment, SHAON84 Personal Curriculum Vitae.

The page can be reached by this URL: