Technical Note: 2011-08-11: EWUeducation Updated

11 August 2011
1 PDF File & 2 ZIP Files (assignment file)

Server Address:
Redirection Domain:

Assignment Update
10 courses updated which include the final Project Work, 23 Assignments, 6 Reports and 6 Presentations.

In server: 8 ZIP files, 1 PDF File

All Pages Got Updates
All the pages has got updates. The common updates are:
Bottom & Credit Line – Each page of the site has got modified credit line & logo of SHAON84 over that line.
Banner – Banner image modified. ‘SHAON’ replaced by ‘SHAON84′.
Navigation Menu – Navigation menu’s individual image’s size, rollover image & number of images changed. FAQ & Be Member image removed; Condition & Contact Info pages’ link image added.
Page Title – Each Page’s Page Titile Changed.

Page by Page Update Detail
Home – Update Scroll (Semester Update), text & its style at home page, side advertisement modified. New advertisement image added.
Finished Courses – The “Finished Courses” page that contained instructor and text book list of finished courses before has changed. After this update, the said information (instructor and text book list of finished courses) will not be available due to the university internal issue secrecy; it’s a pro-active measure
Report – Updated with new reports.
All Assignment – Updated with 35 new assignments.
Condition – Some condition removed & text style changed.
Contact Info – It’s a new page with contact information.
Semester Update – Updated with update detail.

Three Pages Removed, One New Page Added
Three pages removed because it’s thought that, these pages no more require to get maintained in current situation. The pages are: Be Member (Membership no more requires), FAQ & Welcome.

The newly added page is the Contact Info page, with related contact details.

All files of ‘asset’ folder removed.

All new 16 image files uploaded

SHAON84 Home Page
Update texts of EWUeducation’s Update, Technical Note & Status’ text updated.

JUL-SEP 11 – Technical Note (current note)
Status Message 11 – Updated with new statuses


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